Smart and savvy, highly-caffeinated corporate comedy...

Let Don brighten up your event with clean and clever comedy that everyone can relate to! With an act described as witty, energetic, and and flat-out FUN, Don has been very well-received at corporate events throughout the years - most of his clients have had him back multiple times.

Major themes are technology angst, family, and travel, peppered with offbeat celebrity cameos and a thorough mocking of modern English... It’s a highly-caffeinated yet disarming skewer of everyday life that will leave your group wanting more.

I appreciated the way you took what little information you had about our company, and incorporated it into your hilarious routines.
- Linda Brill, The Aerospace Corporation

It was very apparent that you cared about connecting with our group... You are one of a kind... extremely professional on top of being a very funny comedian.
- Gavin McKay, Ferrazzi Greenlight

Thank you for making me a hero to my superiors… because of you, I was given credit for making this conference the best ever.
- Jim Tobin, Teamsters Joint Council

The entertainment you provided us was truly outstanding. Our clients and their business partners will talk about that evening for years to come.
- Gary Landers, AON

Friesen reminds me of Jim Carrey - you just knew he was a very talented, high-energy comedian that you could put in front of any audience and he would totally destroy. Well, Don Friesen is the same way. He’s really a booker’s dream.
- Kevin Kearney, Catch a Rising Star

Healthcare is not an easy topic to work with, but you made it work wonderfully! Your material seemed to be written specifically for our audience, most of whom were CEOs of major companies. You will go far, Don!
- Nina Hall, Concentra Network Services

Your comedy added the special touch that we all strive for in an event, but which is so often elusive... I really appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.
- Lea Antonio, Hathaway-Sycamores

Very creative! You took on a very conservative audience of CEOs and board members of major corporations and had them rolling in the aisles in a matter of minutes.
- Paul Shelgren, Lincoln Police Athletic League

Not a single obscenity or lewd rant , and he still connects. Hilarious... You found the perfect style and line for the evening. The executives, famous filmmakers, and Cinequest’s Board of Directors raved about your work.
- Halfdan Hussie, Cinequest

Law enforcement can be a tough crowd… but you had some people laughing so hard that tears were rolling down their cheeks. It was certainly a memorable evening!
- Betsy Green, FBI National Academy

Fabulous... I never dreamed what a success it could... you were not only a fantastic person to do business with, but absolutely blew me and the team away with how entertaining you were.
- Terri Kiesling, Sprint/Nextel

What an awesome evening it was because of your performance... You were such a tremendous success, which made our total event a great success. Thank you.
- Dennis Stewart, Realty World of Northern CA
Partial Clients List:

Pepsi Cola
Smith Barney
ADDY's Awards
Principal Financial Group
GE Capital
Teamsters Joint Council
Gordon Food Service
Willamette Paper
Five Star Bank

and 100s more

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